Soon-jae Lee, PhD Student

Soon-jae Lee has obtained his two BSc.s on Life Sciences and Physics in Kyungpook National University (Daegu, Republic of Korea) in 2013. He is a new MSc. student of Hijri’s Lab.


He always loves to and does his best effort to understand the nature of Life since he was 4 after reading the Fabre's Book of Insects.


He enjoys to do the all kinds of science research and make/answer the questions of 'How?' and 'Why?'.  To get deeper understanding of Life Sciences, he prepared and challenged himself to the Physics and Chemistry field.


His ultimate goal is to answer the question 'What is Life?' with the point of view in microscopic and macroscopic metabolism, which is one of the most essential features of life to maintain its perpetuity. 

Furthermore, He expect he could find the correlations between 'timing and metabolism' on the way of his study.


His primary research interests are the understanding of macroscopic and microscopic interactions between each cell or between unicellular/multicellular organisms in ecosystem with various points of view. And


-Symbiosis (parasites, mutualism, comensalism, and of course endosymbiosis).

-Plant Immunity which is founded and maintained by the interactions between plant and microbes.

-The theoretical explanation of genetic material's origin by Bioenergetics and Thermodynamics.

-Analysis of ecosystem and evolution with Bioenergetics




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